Instant payment

Dreambook247 is the monopoly in the market among online betting service providers. It didn’t take us a lot of hard work to achieve this. All it took was a basic understanding of the market and our customers’ needs.

Instant Payment at Dreambook247

Dreambook247 is a rapidly growing online betting service provider, played and endorsed by many celebrities across the country. The Dreambook247 is a one-stop shop for all your betting needs, from live sports to casinos; it has everything in its bag for you to explore and earn.

There are over 700 live games currently listed under the platform. This number is rapidly growing with the addition of new partnering exchanges. Yes, you heard it right! These 700 games are from different exchanges in association with Dreambook247.

Dreambook247 is in partnership with Lords Exch, Taj777, World777, D247, Diamond Exch, and Ten Exch. We are in talks to add more exchanges shortly. The biggest advantage of having everything listed under one platform is you only need to sign in once and play across different exchanges. Besides, Dreambook247’s unified payment option lets you pay across various providers.

Get Instant Payments at Dreambook247

A healthy cash flow is a sign of a healthy business. We at Dreambook247 love to keep our accounts clear by making payments almost instantly. You can instantly withdraw the money you win at Dreambook247. Unlike many online betting providers, we won’t keep you waiting for an eternity in the name of processing time. In most cases, we will process your payments in under 30 minutes.

No matter how careful one can be, there is always a chance for things to go wrong. In the case of delayed payment, it is advised to contact the support team 30 minutes after the claim. One of our executives will resolve your issue in no time.

You can also check the status of your Dreambook247 dashboard. To do this, log into your Dreambook247 account and click on the Help Requests tab, presented as the last option on the left pane. You will be asked to specify the duration for which you wish to know the support request data. Besides, you can filter the results based on their status by choosing between pending, resolved, and in-process filters from the drop-down menu.

How Do I Withdraw Payments Instantly from Dreambook247?

Dreambook247 is known for its timely payments. We do not make our customers wait in the name of processing time. Most payment requests are processed in under 30 minutes from their claim.

Withdrawing money from the Dreambook247 wallet is brisk. You need first to add your withdrawal details. Dreambook247 offers a bunch of payment options for withdrawals. To add your payment details, log into your Dreambook247 account first. Click on the Withdraw Details option from the left pane. You should see different payment modes listed on the page. Choose between bank transfer, UPI, Google Pay, or PhonePe and click the Add New button to add the details.

Once you add your withdrawal details, you can transfer the money using your preferred mode of payment. To do this, click on the Withdraw option at the top of your Dreambook247 dashboard. Choose the number of coins to withdraw, choose the preferred payment mode, and click on the Withdraw Coins button at the bottom.

You must understand that each withdrawal at Dreambook247 is manually verified and processed by our team to reduce fraudulent activity on the platform. Your transaction may take some time to process. Nevertheless, you will have it in under 30 minutes.

The success mantra for the sustainability of any new business in the market doesn’t always come from the stories of successful businesses. It comes from failed stories. Many betting service providers in the market tend to lose their credibility by poor customer support. We at Dreambook247 understood it better than anyone in the market and strengthened our support team to the best we could.

Impeccable Customer Support at Dreambook247

No matter how careful one can be, there is always a chance for things to go wrong. Even giant multinational companies aren’t an exception to making mistakes. But what makes a big difference is the resolution time. Dreambook247 has an outstanding customer service team that is always on its toes, waiting to hear from its customers.

Customer service is the heart of any business. We have invested a good share of our resources into building the best support team possible. Most competitors tend to skimp either on manpower or operational hours. Whereas we have our best men working 24/7, 365 days.

How Do I Contact Dreambook247 Customer Support Team?

Dreambook247 has the best customer support team that is always on the hunt for the satisfaction of its customers. Unlike most betting providers with time restrictions on customer service, the Dreambook247 team works 24/7, 365 days.

Contacting Dreambook247’s customer service support team is pretty straightforward. You can choose between contacting them on the dedicated numbers and reaching them on the WhatsApp line.

The Dreambook247 customer support team phone numbers are 919777777530 and 919777777590.

Besides, customers can also contact the support team directly from Dreambook247’s dashboard. Users can see support icons in the bottom right corner of the dashboard. Clicking the second button will initiate a service request, and you should receive a call on your registered number within no time. Clicking on the first button will directly initiate a conversation on WhatsApp without you having to save the number.

How Do I Track a Support Request at Dreambook247?

Dreambook247’s customer support is the best in the market, with a large team constantly working towards resolving customers’ issues. We operate 24/7, while even the most popular service providers have a limited workforce and operational timings.

Customers can now track their help requests right from the Dreambook247 dashboard. To do this, one must first log into their account and click on the Help Requests tab on the dashboard.

Upon clicking the Help Requests tab, you will be asked to specify the calendar range. Select the start date and the end date to select the duration between those two dates. Specifying the request type filter is purely optional. If you wish to look between pending, resolved, or in-process requests specifically, you need to choose your filter and click on the Submit button next to it.

You should be presented with a list of service requests you have filed with the Dreambook247 support team during the specified period.