Love For Our Customers

The hardest thing to do on Earth is to earn trust. Not one, not two, Dreambook247 has lakhs of loyal customers across the country. Besides, it is also trusted and endorsed by many celebrities. But what makes Dreambook247 trustworthy?

As a wise man once said, ‘Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of.’ This is probably the reason why we are the best in the market. Dreambook247 is driven by our users’ satisfaction and not by profits.

We have heard stories about online fraud while depositing money across betting service providers. This is our biggest motivation for building Dreambook247, a unified payment wallet that can be used across multiple service providers. We have implemented watertight policies for our payment system, making it more secure than ever to protect your hard-earned money. This shows our love towards our customers.

Responsible Betting Measures

Betting, for sure, is entertaining and can also be rewarding if done cautiously. However, you must rely on something other than it for your living. It is always advised to see betting as a fun activity and not as a source of income for sustainability.

We at Dreambook247 encourage and insist on responsible betting. We have taken adequate measures to limit your time playing at Dreambook247. This keeps you sane and also protects you from substantial financial losses. How can we better convey our love towards our customers?

Protecting Users’ Data

Dreambook247 is committed to protecting our users’ privacy more than anything. We value your privacy, just as we do ours. Dreambook247 never sells any kind of data belonging to our customers. Instead, we have strict policies to preserve it.

We use SSL encryption across all our services to secure everything from unauthorised outsider access. Besides, we have a security team constantly monitoring our site traffic for cyber threats and doing necessary work to keep everything up to date.

We Offer Generous Cashback and Bonuses

Love can be expressed in different ways, and our favourite way of saying that we love our customers is by providing them with generous cashback and bonuses at every opportunity we can.

Besides, we offer cashback to users who lose money betting on our platform. This is done to show them that we care during their bad times.

Impressive Customer Service

Dreambook247 has a very responsive customer service team, constantly looking to help resolve any kind of issue the customers may find themselves into. Good customer service shows how much the company values its customers.

Valuing Our Customers by Appreciating their Feedback

The most significant input any firm can take is not business insights but suggestions from its customers. It is always the customers who keep the business growing, not just the insights. We at Dreambook247 have constantly heard versions from our customers and worked towards implementing things in their interest. The outcome is a successful and reliable business.